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Dreading the usual ‘team-building’ experience or just a bit tired of the old format? Why not do something different?

At Riverstudios, we offer Music Creation – a new concept for company away days.

‘A unique moment, just perfect!’ as Lauren from Brussels wrote.

Music Creation

Our event uses music to communicate and work/play together, while maintaining appropriate, professional relationships. Your staff can experience the exhilaration of completing a successful project in just one session. Everyone contributes in their own individual way.

Whether you are the apprentice or the CEO, everyone has a role to play in a working environment.

When one team player is not using their full potential, the performance of the whole company suffers. This is exactly the same in music, whether it be a rock band, orchestra or choir. One false note can distract from the achievements of the whole – and a group goes at the pace of the slowest.

At Riverstudios, we help you demonstrate how rhythm and communication can be used to create harmony.

Benefits for the participants

Aids communication
A unique final product is created. Creating music illustrates how communicating and focusing can produce excellent results in a limited time-frame.
Everyone contributes in their own way. This helps build self-reliance and confidence in members of your staff.
But no pressure. Participants do their own thing – whatever that might be.
No-one intrudes, no one asks for thoughts or feelings. Compatible with professional working relationships.
Each person makes their own point – and it is heard as a valued part of the production. This emphasises the value your company puts on the individual
Every participant has a copy to take away. This will help them remember how energised they felt when communicating and working as a team. How their own individual contribution was recognised and added value to the whole.
People enjoy the event. They are likely to take back this upbeat feeling to the workplace.
No-one else does anything quite like this.

The Studio :

  • The Hub – where the master musician coordinates and produces the final piece. It contains high-range recording equipment, designed to get the best results possible.
  • The Drum Room – holds an impressive array of drums and percussion instruments.
  • 3 Music Rooms – each containing a collection of guitars, keyboards and other assorted instruments. You will be spoilt for choice – there is something for everyone.
  • Private Garden – you will have access to the garden, which overlooks the beautiful River Ourthe, perfect to relax in for short breaks.
  • The Loft – an area with multiple uses: conference room, comfortably seating 20 people, a space where customised group sessions can be held.

Here, in Riverstudios, you work together, in a relaxed and informal way, to produce a unique piece of high-quality music, while maintaining a professional relationship with your work colleagues.

You can even use the product as a piece of company history or as a showpiece.

Riverstudios Guestbook

Testimonial by Robert Henno
For recording the commentary for nature films that I make, I use the services of Riverstudios. It is equipped with cutting edge gear. Gus Gouldsbrough is attentive to my requirements and his technique and creativity mean the final result is always of a high quality. The cherry on the cake: there’s always a very warm welcome.
Robert Henno
, Videographer
Testimonial by Simon Hardenne
In a superb setting beside a river, Gus can guide you as a great leader so you can uncover and express the (musical) creativity within!
Simon Hardenne
, Film maker
Testimonial by Thomas Delbart
The professionalism of Riverstudios allows me to reach great heights in terms of recording and mixing quality. With demanding customers, I know that I can entrust post-production of my compositions to Riverstudios. Reliable, accessible and creative, I recommend it to anybody who is uncompromising on the quality of a finished product.
Thomas Delbart
, Composer and Producer
Testimonial by Lyndsey Cockwell
‘Thanks for the excellent sessions. Great equipment and expertise. A real pleasure…’
Lyndsey Cockwell
, Berlin Pop Choir founder

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